Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Couple of Changes

Welcome back!

This is my first post after all the busy antics of the holidays. Even though it was pretty manic I miss it already. I really thrive from being kept on my toes and if its seeing and spending time with family then it is always a pleasure to do as I do not see them as much since being at University.

Any-who I wanted to let you know about from of the changes that are going to be happening on my blog. I have decided to upload posts on specific days to try and help me improve my organisation skills even more. These will coincide with my YouTube channel too. The plan is that I upload three times a week on my blog and twice a week on my YouTube channel. I will be uploading a video in the next week explaining more in depth about what is happening on my channel. Getting back to my blog, I will upload on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and each day I will be running different types of series. Monday will be about a weekly wish list showing you the items that I am currently lusting over. They will be a combination of fashion, beauty and lifestyle items that I can't wait to get my mits on! Wednesday's post will be about either a beauty or a lifestyle product, so it could be a review about a new beauty item I have tried or it could be about something lifestyle related like a book/movie review etc. Finally Friday will be fashion where I will be attempting to try something new this year. I really want to start doing outfit posts (OOTD) because it really interests me and as I love styling this is a perfect way to document my looks. I just worry that I don't have as many clothes as some of the pro fashion bloggers but lets just work with what we've got aye! I would also LOVE to do some blog collaborations! I think it is a great way of getting us smaller bloggers out there in the world and marking our stamp on the internet! (if that sounds interesting to you then please contact me)

Regarding my YouTube channel, I have had some troubles with it recently as it seemed as though I had two channels running simultaneously and one had all my videos on but the other had all my subscriptions on. After fumbling around the internet trying to solve the problem I decided to delete the channel all together and start a fresh. What better time to do that than the new year! As I have said, I will be uploading a video in the next week explaining all of the YouTube 'ish' stuff that I have planned (i'm VERY excited about it!)

I am looking for a new blog design too but have no idea where to start so that would be a good thing to find out if you guys know who to use/contact.
Let me know what you guys think and if you have any recommendations then as always please let me know :)

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  1. Good luck with your blog organisation and I hope you get Youtube sorted :)